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I’m high on cloud-9 after reading this!!

NINE : The Ultimate Mystery

The number “911” has a special significance:


September 9 also known as 9/9 happens to be the 252nd day of the year (2 + 5 +2=9). Also, September 11 is the 254th day of the year and it just happens that there are 111 days remaining until the end of the year and (2+5+4=11). This is 911 grid math communicating through the system. The more you seek the more you find but the question remains why? The answer is that we are inside the code. We are inside the conscious matrix system of the holographic universe Mr Anderson. You have been contacted and now you are aware.

The numbers are in control and watching everything. In the base 10 system, where all numbers are represented by ten distinct forms (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9), nine is the final number. As such, it becomes a limit, a bound, or the ultimate achievement but is also transcending code. It is interesting how I was contacted through this special number as it comes up just about everywhere along with the number 11 as it’s counterbalance and agent. Is the universe pumping out the number 9 hidden is everyday events for some purpose? If you add numbers until you get a single digit, (using math systems used by the ancients and also today, for example 27 (2+7) or 36 (3+6), you always get the single digit 9 as your answer. The next time you watch an event that has numbers, add up the numbers of each score and you will be surprised how many times it adds up to 9 and 11. Even during an event at a halfway point or at the end especially, the numbers will add up to nine and your clock will be synchronized to this event which will also add up to number 9. Make sure you look at all the numbers displayed around you, including all numbers and information available to you. They are trying to get your attention.

It’s almost as if events move to the attainment of 9 as the finality of the event as a signal. Are all life’s events symmetrical and geometrical as well? Is the creation of the universe and nature connected to all things on earth, sun and moon? I didn’t think so until I saw the strange coincidence of perfect geometrical figures that the 9 planets form in respect to each other from the earths perspective. It’s as if the universe is speaking to us through some kind of sacred geometrical ratios and sacred numbers code and the number 9 is used as a proof or key somehow. It is alive consciously waiting for you to wake up. The ancients understood this, and tried to decipher the information and messages, and left the code in the megaliths construction and location using the ancient grid communication system.


This is just a small snippet of amazing information at the link above, and is full of fascinating information – he boggles my mind..!



6 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. We are intergalactic fiends from the dog star system Sirus. Thy accomplice Jessie is our guardian angel and spirit guide. They gave us their mind, but we rejected it, so the Creator could will us towards euphoric visions of ecstatic bliss forever, after we save our planet from certain destruction first. We love our planet, which resonates within us.


  2. The planet is under attack, our DNA is under attack, WE are under attack!!! Now for a message from our sponsor at “Pharmacopeia”… …It seems they forgot their message, which just proves their medicine is VERY potent, and I highly recommend them myself (no affiliation I assure you). I can put you in touch with the farmer themselves, but they accept donations only, so do NOT ask to “buy” anything – the DEA (no relation to DNA) watches closely, and you don’t want to rile THEM. The farmers have been banned from buying and selling by “big bro”, so they can only accept donations, or barter for needed goods and services, especially if you are an attractive TO ME masseuse – therapeutic only of course – I am so freaking stiff! (ha ha ha – am I 16 or 60?)… I’m going back to the Dog Star (which means “rats god” backwards) if things don’t get better soon – I’m Sirius. This planet earth is getting too freaking weird and demonic for me, and I’m from Los Angeles, where “those demons” (+inverted) live… I have an evil demon on one shoulder and a guardian angel on the other, just like any other spiritual entity having a human experience, but I listen to only one, unfortunately it’s usually the wrong one. GA speaks to me through my heart, while ED speaks to me through my reptilian, and logical serial-processing left hemisphere, telling me that what’s good for me is all that matters. The whole problem with this planet, is that too many people are not listening to their hearts anymore. The microwaves, coal fly ash saturated atmosphere, contaminated water, bad food, and zombified people everywhere I look is enough to drive a spiritual entity having a human experience to drinking! Seriously – back to Sirius?


  3. Crop circles are made by the Creaotr to tell us its watching and is there to help – if we need it and ask. Why else would the military have cordoned off crop circles in the past if they were made by the evil entity? That might have been done for deception, but the (real) crop circles tell me they are made by the Creator. The evil entity itself doesn’t understand who is making them, or why, so it sends in the Military to cordon off the area, and feed the public disinfo about it, as usual. There is no reason I can think of why the evil entity would be making the crop circles, unless its a psyop to make us think HELP IS ON ITS WAY, so we don’t have to do anything ourselves? That’s possible – I must go ponder it….


    1. Perhaps the “evil entity” knows help is on its way from another galaxy, so it knows our saviors will arrive soon, which is the reason for the “Samson Option” (destruction of the planet) is now activated? The Creators saviors will get here in time, I just know it, so hang-on and don’t give up! That is what the evil entity wants us to do…


      1. It’s a few months since I posted anything here, and my previous comments no longer resonate with me anymore. I’ve grown considerably the last few months, as my body-mind-spirit are healed. Now I believe thatcCrop circles are made by computer controlled directed energy machines, probably under control of the evil entity, who wants us to think help is here. We must save ourselves – both individually and humanity as a whole. ~Namaste~


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